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What We Do

YOUTHSPARK PAN AFRICA through our various initiatives, we have engaged the youths, women and top leaders to identify solutions to ravaging socio-economic challenges towards a more effective and sustainable social impact.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Youthspark Pan African Development Foundation consists of a Board of Trustees numbering about 7 reputable individuals across various disciplines.
The organization’s management team is made up of the Executive Director, a Program Manager, an M&E Officer, A Finance & Admin Manager, Program Assistant, Project Coordinators for each thematic focus area and volunteers. Every staff is trained and possesses the needed capacity to carry out assigned tasks.
We have our contact office in Ebonyi and Lagos States, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya

Our Objectives

  • To provide a platform designed to inspire, motivate, mentor and empower young persons to discover and actualize their potentials.
  • To promote the presence and roles of young persons as agents of change towards societal development.
  • To create opportunities for exceptionally passionate and qualified youth to come together, discuss and proffer solutions to engaging youth development issues.
  • To encourage and promote gender sensitive curricula in schools.